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was the call sign used by the men of "C" Troop 16th Air Cav. The men of "Charlie" Troop served with distinction in Vietnam. In the coming months as you check back I'll continue to expand the site with photos and much more. Bookmark the site.........please check back often! Below is the unit patch.

Until I get this site on its feet please visit "Darkhorse in Vietnam" at http://home.jps.net/~dhcntrl/

The "Darkhorse in Vietnam" site is maintained by Dave 'Fezz' Fesmire, a former doorgunner, with the help of Russ Bayerski. They have both kept the memory of the unit alive and well.

Another site that is a must see about the unit is located at http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters/4668/ctrp.htm

This site is maintained by Ray Allee another former doorgunner who also makes sure the unit lives on.

An great site from another great unit is that of the 336th Assault Helicopter Company at http://fp3.antelecom.net/drac/